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Our Dairy Products


We aim to produce the best quality milk on the market. How do we achieve this?


We use organic milk. Organic milk is better for your health as organic dairy farmers do not use pesticides or fertilisers and are heavily restricted on their use of cattle hormones and antibiotics.


We use traditional methods of milk processing which focus on taste rather than convenience. We pasteurise our milk but do not homogenise like most dairies. Homogenising breaks down the milk fats which we think affects the taste. Our milk has a traditional 'cream line' which is only seen in milk that has not been homogenised. 


Our luxury products are made using milk from Guernsey Cows. Guernsey cows are a traditional breed and we believe their milk to be the best tasting due to its high butterfat and rich and creamy texture. Guernsey milk has a lovely golden colour that distinguishes it from milk from more conventional breeds. 


Our luxury Guernsey products contain less A1 proteins. Most Guernsey cows are 'A2 cows' and do not produce the A1 protein in their milk. The A1 protein is the most common cause of discomfort felt by people with digestion problems after drinking milk. You should therefore feel better after drinking our luxury range. We are working towards a fully A2 product. 


Organic Pasteurised Milk

Organic Double Cream

Organic Butter

We provide pasteurised milk as skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole-milk packaged in 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litre containers. We can also supply 13.5 Litre pergals on request. 
Our luxury Guernsey milk is sold as whole-milk only. 



Our luxury double cream is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre or 2 Litre containers. 
Our traditional farmhouse butter is our flagship product and was once a regular favourite of Prince Charles. 


We provide both salted and unsalted butter in 250g packs. 

Organic Kefir


Organic Ghee


Where to Find Our Products

We manufacture the Organic Kefir range for Biotiful Dairy. 
Kefir is a drinking yoghurt with many strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that are excellent for improving digestion.
The Kefir is available in origional flavour or 'baked' flavour. It is packaged in 250ml and 500ml containers and can be purchased direct from us, online from Ocado and in many stores accross the country. 
For more information please visit: 



Ghee is a traditional Indian food used for cooking and ayurvedic medicine. It has a very high smoke point which makes it one of the safest cooking oils to use.

Our Ghee is made using the traditional ayurvedic method of using cultured butter as the only ingredient. It is said that this increases the medicinal value of the ghee. 

The ghee is cooked very slowly to enhance the flavour and prevent any unwanted flavours from burned milk proteins. We also triple filter the ghee to ensure a minimal content of lactose and casein.




All of our products can be purchased from the dairy direct or from the following retail outlets (Click the Links for more info):



  • Abel & Cole Ltd  an organic online grocer who will deliver all of our products to your door step:

Swindon Shops

Marlborough/ Hungerford, Devizes Shops

  • Cobbs Farm Shop on the A4 near Hungerford

  • Baydon Post Office/ Shop

  • Ashbury Village Shop

  • Aldbourne Village Shop 

  • Planks Dairies, Poulton near Devizes 

  • walter rose & son 

  • packaging not included

  • Avebury village stores

  • ramsbury post office

Cirencester Shops

  • Jessie Smiths Farm Shop, Love Lane in Cirencester

  • WJ Castle Farm Shop Burford 

  • The Upton Smokery, Carterton

  • knead bakery

  • butts farm shop

Oxforshire and Berkshire Shops 

  • Saddleback Farm Shop, near Wantage 

  • Cobbs of Englefield, Pangbourne near Reading 

  • Garlands Organic, Pangbourne near Reading 

  • The Wellington Farm Shop. Hook, near Reading

  • Cobbs Winchester

  • Manydown Farm Shop, Basingstoke

  • my local larder

  • honesty at dummerdown farm

London Shops 


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