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Grant Funding Received 2017

Name of Project: Wood Farm Dairy Modernisation

In 2017, we invested heavily in our milking parlour and cattle handling facilities. The aim of this was to:


  • Increase the size of the herd

  • Improve animal welfare

  • Improve the efficiency of energy use


This investment was made possible thanks to a significant grant given my the North Wessex Downs LEADER group. This group received the funding through the “European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas”.

The grant funding covered the following projects:

  • A cluster flush system designed to sterilise the milking clusters between cows thus reducing the risk of mastitis. 

  • An auto shedding gate which enables selected cattle to be automatically segregated which reduces stress for both the animal and the human operator. 

  • Variable speed drives on the milking vacuum pumps which have reduced the energy use of the vacuum pumps by 40%. 









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